Why Artist's Drawing Glove?

The artist's Drawing Glove is the best solution for anyone who has encountered unintentional smudging while drawing, or has experienced the nusiances of drawing on a tablet.

Conventional methods for solving the problems, such as placing a sheet of paper over your drawing, using complicated drawing bridges / hand rests, or even using home-made gloves are frustrating, tedious and are just an overall hassle.

The Artist's Drawing Glove was specifically engineered to avoid the hassles of conventional methods. Its unique design incorporating a form-fitting cationic polyester/elastane material gives you the best-fitting, comfortable, breathable feel, allowing you hours of care-free drawing.

The Artist's Drawing Glove's design pulls the material across your hand, giving you a snug, comfortable fit, even while drawing.

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The Artist's Drawing Glove is right or left-handed.
It is available in Small, Medium, or Large sizes.
Please allow 2-5 business days for delivery.

You will be redirected to the secure PayPal site to purchase - PayPal membership is not required to buy. Shipping & Handling is $1.99 for one to two gloves and increases with the quantity of gloves being purchased.